A very warm welcome to A Splash of Summer!

My name is Summer Mark, I’m 23 and originally from Tauranga, New Zealand. I started this site to share with the world a few of my favourite things; travel, photography, design and more travel.

About me:

I’m a bit of a runaway if I’m honest, running from what I feel I should be doing and the stereotypes. I’ve spent the last 5 years completing University at Massey University in Wellington and finally graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Visual Communication – or a fancy way of saying A Bachelor in Graphic Design. In my third year I managed a whirl wind two month trip around South east Asia and it fuelled my thirst even more. I got back and envied everyone who wasn’t stuck working or at Uni.

Eventually I started working in a Design and Print shop and the mundane 8-5 life got the better of me, it sucked the creativity from me and I let it happen. I started feeling sorry for myself and started to accept this was going to be my working life. I had always had a passion for travel, I’d done some while at uni and loved it and knew I wanted to take my OE, but money stopped me rushing off until I finally decided I would work it out once I got there.

The idea of travelling got me through work, I would literally sit there and read blog after blog, watch youtube videos and browse through Instagram for hours on end, living through others. I’m not a natural writer, I stuck to art subjects and there is a reason for that but I thought I would challenge myself and try it out for myself. I’m sure there will be plenty of run on sentences, grammatical and spelling errors but bare with me!

There is a mix of past and present posts, as I draw upon the inspiration around me. In less then 2 months and I will be taking my possessions in my pack and possibly never returning. Don’t get me wrong I love New Zealand but I am finally just letting the wind take me.